miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

i need hugs...

Well, it's just true, I badly need hugs... why? you may ask, I don't know, I just know that I need them and all that comes with them too.

Researching on the net (cause i thought "what's wrong with me?") , I found this:
"Scientists made research on mood, behaviour and such of many people to detect the purpose and effect of hugs.
Every person needs 2 hugs per day to be in a stable well balanced mood, feeling. We need hugs because we are "animals" which live in small groups, so called families :) and each animal that lives in groups do need each others touch, presence.
It assures you of being safe and in a commuity,. So it is just instinct...
p.s.: you also need 12 strokes/touches/caresses per day with ANY living thing for the same reason, and also for being in contact with the LIVING world..discover, experiance, share..smell, or looking at eachother, touching eachother.
these are the prurposes of hugs...
as far as I know...and also some basic logics..."

So hug your friends, hug your boyfriend or girfriend if you are lucky to have one, hug your pets and hug your family as well, I know they'll appreciate it!

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